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Taboonette® is a sister restaurant of the famed Taboon in Hells Kitchen.

We are the original wood fired Middleterranean® cuisine pioneered by Chef Efi Nahon in 2004. And now you can bring Chef Nahon’s signature blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors into your home or office with our professional catering service. Healthy fresh low processed and delicious food to make your meal something everyone will remember. 

Designed to be served “Family-Style” in disposable hotel pans, your meal is transported to you directly from preparation in our kitchen using thermal containers to insure hot and cold temperatures upon arrival and set up. 

Labels clearly identify all dishes and their ingredients and facilitate identifying food allergies or other dietary restrictions. We provide timely deliveries by trained food handlers who ensure proper set up as per your specific delivery instructions. 

You work hard and we want you to eat well! Thanks for checking out Taboonette Catering…we look forward to visiting you soon!

For easy planning and clean delivery our menu below is served in 4” deep hotel pans. Half Size pans feed 12 to 15 people, and Full Size pans feed 25 to 30 people. Build your own or have us design the perfect meal for you.

Two delicious-looking dishes with avacado Top and side view of a dish in a bowl Dish with a tomato base and side salad Bowl with rice, salad and more Chicken Shawarma Salmon, rice and salad Falafel and chips Hummus bowl Hummus bowl, with egg and chick peas Sweet potato falafel Warm kale salad Another warm kale salad Haloumi salad
order now! Dished are marked if they have vegan or nuts

-chef's suggested pairings in gray-

Mains (heading for main courses)

    • Chicken Shawarma

      5oz | Half $85.00 Full $170 Chef's secret spice mix - Salad, pickles -

    • Dish contains nuts

      Braised Lamb Shawarma

      5oz | Half $130.00 Full $260.00 Chef's secret spice mix - Amba, coulis, tahini, arugula-herb salad -

    • Dish contains nuts


      5oz | Half $90 Full $180 Moroccan tomato jam - Tahini, arugula-herb salad -

    • Pulled Pork

      5oz | Half $69 Full $138 Taboonette BBQ sauce - Apple-jicama slaw, chipotle mayo -

    • Braised Short Ribs Chouma

      3oz | Half $114.75 Full $229.50 Chef's Tunisian spice mix

      5oz | Half $191.25 Full $382.50 Chef's Tunisian spice mix

    • Dish contains nuts

      Za'atar Crusted Salmon

      10pc | Half $97.50 Full $195 3oz fillet - Tzaziki, arugula-herb salad -

    • Schnitzle Chicken Breast

      5oz | Half $78.75 Full $157.50 Seasoned panko - Spicy ketchup, nappa cabbage salad -

    • Heraime (moroccan fish)

      10pc | Half $90 Full $180 Tilapia fillet

    • Grilled Fish Kebab

      2pc | Half $97.50 Full $195 Hand chopped sea bass, cilantro mint - Tzaziki, Arugula - herb salad -

    • Vegan dish

      Kruveet (Cualiflower)

      5oz | Half $67.50 Full $135 Chaf's seasoning and lemon zest

    • Vegan dish


      5pc | Half $60 Full $120 Classic Chickpea and herb - Amba, pickles -

    • Vegan dish

      Sweet Potato Falafel

      3pc | Half $67.50 Full $135 Chef's special recipe - Tzaziki, fresh tomato coulis -

    • Vegan dish

      Mixed Mushrooms

      5oz | Half $67.50 Full $135 Caramelized onion, sauteed kale - Tahini, freekeh majadara -

Half Pans feed approx 12 to 15 people, and full pans approx 25 to 30 people based on portions indicated.  Consider that people will serve themselves varying portion amounts and order carefully.
  • -dips & Spreads-



    Half $56.25 Full $112.50

    Dish is Vegan


    Half $45 Full $90

    Dish is Vegan


    Half $75 Full $150

    Preserved lemon, tahini, schoog


    Half $60 Full $120

    Dish is Vegan


    Half $45 Full $90

    Spicy Feta Spread

    Half $60 Full $120

    Dish is Vegan


    Spicy green yemenite sauce
    Everywhere you want heat!
    18oz Bowl | 


    Dish is vegan and has nuts

    BEET Salad

    5oz | Half $52.50 Full $105


    5oz | Half $67.50 Full $135

    Pulled Pork

    Dish is vegan and has nuts

    Chopped Salad

    5oz | Half $75 Full $150

    - Chicken Shawarma, Falafel, Lamb Kebab -

    Dish is vegan and has nuts


    4oz | Half $80 Full $160

    Arugula, herbs, currants, almonds - Braised Lamb Shawarma, Kruveet, Brisket -

    Dish is Vegan


    5oz | Half $45 Full $90

    Cilantro, mint, lemon, orange blossom - Schnitzel -

    Dish is Vegan


    5oz | Half $48.75 Full $97.50

    Apple, kholorabi, mint, anise

    Dish is Vegan


    5oz | Half $44.25 Full $88.50

    Herb-citrus vinaigreete

    Dish is Vegan


    5oz | Half $54.75 Full $109.50

    Parsley, mint, veggies, fried eggplant garnish

    Dish is Vegan


    5oz | Half $75 Full $150

    Sweet patato, parsley, dried cranberries


    5oz | Half $45 Full $90

    Feta, mint, calamata olives

    Dish is vegan and has nuts


    5oz | Half $67.50 Full $135

    Pistachio, lychee, rose water

  • -Starch-

    Dish is Vegan

    vermicelli rice

    6oz | Half $45 Full $90

    - Yellow, laced w/ vermicelli noodles -

    Dish is Vegan

    Freekeh Majadara

    6oz | Half $75 Full $150

    - Barley, lentil, caramelized onion -

    Dish is Vegan


    6oz | Half $75 Full $150

    - Caramelized onion, garlic -

    Dish is Vegan

    Brown Rice

    6oz | Half $45 Full $90

    Dish is Vegan

    Pita cut 1/2


    Dish is Vegan

    Home made pita chips

    Half $30 Full $60

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  • Condiments (Portion 1.5 oz, 18 oz bowl - $21.00): Chipotle mayo(spicy, pulled pork), Fresh tomato coulis(Chicken shawarma, braised lamb shawarma, falafel, vegan), Amba(Pickled mango flavor, Braised lamb shawarma, falafel, vegan), Spicy ketchup(schnitzle, vegan)
  • Taboon Roasted Antipasti (Portion 5oz, Half pan 10 - $52.50, Full pan 20 - $105.00): Butternut squash (vegan), Honey thyme chipolini(vegan), Carrot confit & harissa, Peppers (Oregano, garlic, vegan), Beets (Smoked pommegranate syrup, vegan)
Sweets (all contain nuts): Kitchen sinker cookie - $3.75, PB&J Cookie - $3.75, Brownie pie Cake - $4.50, Cardomom chocolate chip Cookie - $3.75, Date mamoul Cookie - $3.75, Chocolate finger Cake - $4.50



Email with your order as well as basic

information such as when and where and how many people your order is for.

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